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Dialling the 999 Service.  Remember if it's not a real Emergency to call 101 for the Police or 111 for medical guidance.

When you dial 999, your call will be answered by a telephone exchange operator who will ask you which emergency service you require and the telephone number that you are dialling from. You must then stay on the line where you will then be connected to the appropriate Control Room in the area you are calling from, not the local fire, police or ambulance station.

As you are being connected to the Service you will hear the telephone exchange operator passing your telephone number to the appropriate control operator.

The Control Operator Will Ask You Some Questions

Don't put the telephone down until all the details have been taken


Hampshire Constabulary

Call 999 when a crime is happening, someone is in danger or someone is violent.

Call 101 when a crime has already happened, you want to speak to a police officer or you want advice or information.

There is a helpful mnemonic to remember when to use 999:

   Main Hampshire Constabulary Web Site

   New Milton - New Forest South Sector Web Site


NEW SERVICE :  Hampshire Police launch "Is this Yours" on photo sharing web site - Flickr to help identify owners of recovered stolen property


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Call 999 when a there is a Fire.

Emergency calls to the Fire and Rescue Control Room are handled, from receipt of the call to mobilising the Fire Appliance, in less than 60 seconds.

If you have a fire – Do not attempt to extinguish it unless it is safe to do so. Leave the property, closing all the doors behind you and do not go back in to the property until you are told it is safe to do so by the firefighters who attend.

If you are trapped in a fire situation and are unable to leave your properly safely, the fire control operator will stay on the line with you and give you fire survival guidance to help you until the fire engine arrives.

  Please note that making a hoax call is both a criminal offence and may endanger the lives of others !!

   Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service - Web Site

   Advice and Guidance on keeping safe - Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


South Central Ambulance Service

Call 999 when it is certain that an Ambulance is required

Call 111 - the new number for when its is less urgent than calling 999

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) encourages member of the public to Think before dialling 999 We need your help to get to those who really need us most.

Before dialling 999 THINK about whether you need an ambulance, many everyday illnesses can be easily treated at home.

   South Central Ambulance Service - Web Site


HM Coastguard Service

Call 999 when it is certain that the Coastguard Service should be alerted.

The highly trained Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre personnel are ready to respond to emergency calls 24-hours, 365 days a year for the UK coast and surrounding waters. The primary aim is to reduce incidents through prevention activity, education and improved regulations while maintaining effective enforcement.

   Maritime and Coastguard Agency - Web Site


Dog Wardens - Lost/Strays/Dogs out of Control


   02380 285411  -  Office Hours

   02380 285202  -  Out of Office Hours

   Dog Warden Service - New Forest District Council

ICE - In case of emergency

In an emergency situation, emergency personnel are faced with on the spot decisions. When every second counts, emergency personnel need answers fast so they can quickly and effectively give you or your loved ones the medical attention they so desperately need.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) is here to assist and help the emergency services on your behalf, should you become involved in an emergency situation. If you have ICE in your phone you can help the emergency services by providing an emergency contact or medical information.

When ICE., In Case of Emergency, is typed in front of a loved one’s name, it will instantly let the rescue services know who to contact. In fact anyone with a mobile phone can take part in the program. It’s easy, it’s free.

When emergency crews respond to an accident, one of the first things they will do is try to track down the victim's mobile phone. They will look through the mobile phone's contact list looking for an ICE. listing.

To set up ICE on your mobile: